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Wherever we go across the Pacific or Atlantic we meet not similarity so much as 'the bizarre'. Things astonish us when we travel that surprise nobody else.

I don't know if this is too weird to say but this is completely surreal for me. Bizarre. The cover of 'Teen Vogue' has been on my bucket list forever.

'Rocket Science' is really where I fell in love with filmmaking I think 'Camp' was incredible but it was so bizarre and I was trying to find my footing in this world where you don't have an audience for immediate validation.

'Snow White' is an old fairy tale so obviously the idea of vanity and obsession with youth is long-standing. With today's science people have become crazy with trying to move their face around. It's bizarre.

That's what I like about film-it can be bizarre classic normal romantic. Cinema is to me the most versatile thing.

Imagine a civilisation that's way in advance of us wants to communicate with us and assist us in our development. The information we provide to them must reflect our highest aspirations and ideals and not just be some crazy person's bizarre politics or religion.

You know rock stardom... I have a hard time discussing that because I don't really accept it. It's not really that tangible. What's really bizarre is how it's used as a thing - you know 'He's the rock star of politics ' 'He's the rock star of quarterbacks' - like it's the greatest thing in the world.

No matter how calmly you try to referee parenting will eventually produce bizarre behavior and I'm not talking about the kids. Their behavior is always normal.

I never liked apples. In fact when I was a little girl my mom wanted to give me apples in my lunch box and I would ask for green peppers. So bizarre... It's funny - I don't have an apple a day but I can say that I have a few a week.

It's bizarre that the produce manager is more important to my children's health than the pediatrician.

Obama is trying to paint us as a caricature as if we're some bizarre individualists who are hardcore libertarians. It's a false dichotomy and intellectually lazy. Of course we believe in government. We think government should do what it does really well but that it has limits.

It's funny that it all becomes about clothes. It's bizarre. You work your butt off and then you win an award and it's all about your dress. You can't get away from it.

We've got a bunch of new writers now who tell me they grew up watching The Simpsons. It's bizarre and they're writing some very funny stuff.

Actually bizarrely in America I get more appreciation from the odd unusual stuff I've done almost because I'm not if you like famous in America as I am in England.

I know it's a cliche but the whole family is just whacked. I mean we're all out of our minds. They're the funniest most eccentric bizarre people I've ever met my siblings.

We got on his label and the Bizarre organization is just going up and up. So we have faith.

It was a very bizarre experience for me to get the songs together go in there and try to deliver them as I would perhaps in a live setting. But I realized that I couldn't take on that coffeehouse style that I came from and go in there and burn it up.

People who run for president seriously and people who become president enter a bizarre secret society in which they have had an experience that none of us will ever have.

Film is such a bizarre vehicle for acting. It's such a bizarre experience. I don't think you ever really get familiar with it. If you do get familiar with it you're probably not that good anymore.

This is absolutely bizarre that we continue to subsidize highways beyond the gasoline tax airlines and we don't subsidize we don't want to subsidize a national rail system that has environmental impact.

The actual tragedies of life bear no relation to one's preconceived ideas. In the event one is always bewildered by their simplicity their grandeur of design and by that element of the bizarre which seems inherent in them.

For a culture that has such a problem with death we seem to deal with it in a quite bizarre way. We see people shot killed and blown up and we find it funny and sexy and all those things. But the reality of it is that every day people die and people are really sad and they grieve and they go through a really difficult process with it.

Justifying conscription to promote the cause of liberty is one of the most bizarre notions ever conceived by man! Forced servitude with the risk of death and serious injury as a price to live free makes no sense.

We had our first earthquake over here recently. That was a bizarre feeling. I just became disoriented and I remember my dad freaking out. Nothing broke or anything.

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